It’s Booster(Gold) Time

It is time. Time for DC comics to give us a Booster Gold ongoing once again.

Actually it is well past time. Michael Jon Carter, that’s Booster, has been on the sidelines for far too long.

I firmly believe a title is on it’s way. Whether a solo book for Booster or every fans dream of a Blue and Gold team-up book(Ted Kord and Booster…is it really that hard). Moves by DC Comics seem to suggest it will happen.

First there was the recent team up with Superman in Action Comics written by Dan Jurgens. Jurgens is the man who created Booster in 1986. Then we have this week’s Batman #45. More a Booster Gold comic than a Batman comic it was weirdly fun. Which is a prerequisite for Mr Gold. Tom King who does excellent work everywhere seems to have Booster’s voice down perfectly.

Booster always tries to do what is right but tends to trip over his own feet getting there. This is the man responsible for making sure history happens the way it should (in between fart jokes and bantering with his robotic pal Skeets). Think of the WB show Legends of Tomorrow if it was one guy and much funnier.

He is the greatest hero the world never knew. It is time that we reminded them of that fact.

Villain’s Month…How about an Heroes Month?

Villain’s Month is here.

It is a wonderful idea. One shot comics spotlighting our favorite bad guys as we head into Forever Evil, DC Comics first company wide crossover epic in the New 52.

Going into a major storyline featuring the villains who have won it only makes sense to give readers the opportunity to learn more about the characters. The comics themselves have had varied success. I am sure everyone has their favorite books, along with those they could have done without. But it begs the question: What about the Heroes?

These are the comics after all. We know at some point the heroes will return, the heroes will vanquish the villains. But which heroes?

Why not a Heroes Month? I mean we all know about Superman, Batman and the like. But what about the other heroes. What about the ones we have not seen in the New 52 or ones who were needlessly cast aside?

There is an opportunity here, a chance to present characters to readers they may not have seen otherwise.

There could be a Doom Patrol hiding somewhere. What about a re-imagined version of the Freedom Fighters trying to undermine the Crime Syndicate?

There is a chance to bring Ted Kord, the former Blue Beetle, back. Not to mention giving us an updated version of ‘Blue and Gold’. Maybe even a new version of Detective Chimp?

The possibilities abound.

That is what comics are about aren’t they. Possibility…