The (movie) List: The Mummy

I have found that there are these movies that we are just absolutely compelled to watch. We cannot help ourselves. It is ingrained in our DNA from an early age.
If one of these movies is on we know what we are doing for the next few hours. Doesn’t matter if we have it on DVD or Blu-ray we will sit down in front of the TV and watch, we have to.
This is the Movie List…

The Mummy (1999)

This is legitimately one of my favorite movies ever. How much do I love this movie?? I actually watched it again while writing this. It has everything I look for in a movie: action, adventure, comedy and most importantly FUN! It is almost as if Raiders of the Lost Arc had a kid with Abbott and Costello meet the Mummy. Something so wonderful that you didn’t know you wanted until you sat in the theater watching it.

I knew I loved this movie from the start. I went and saw it one Saturday night, not really expecting much just a nice little movie to pass the time. I loved it laughing while on the edge of my seat at the same time. I did not know how much I loved it until later. It was a warm late night and I stopped for gas on the way home. As I was pumping gas these bugs were flying around me, absolutely freaking me out. All I could think of was those creepy little scarabs crawling all over my body. Right then I knew I was hooked.

The movie itself is nearly flawless. Most importantly it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Brendan Fraser is our intrepid hero, Rachel Weisz wonderfully plays the part of the damsel in distress, while John Hannah fills in as comedy relief. But they are so much more. They become family before our eyes: laughing, teasing and protecting each other in a world they never expected to be thrust into.
The entire cast is wonderful, there is never that moment where you think “the movie was great except for that one guy…”.
As we come to the end all I think is I want more: more stories, more action, more fun.

And the best thing about The Mummy is that you want more every single time you see it.

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