Free Comic Book Day


Free Comic Book Day took place once again this last Saturday. Since 2002 the event has taken place during the first Saturday in May. It is an opportunity for fans and newcomers alike to take a look at books from a variety of publishers.

It is a chance to expose outsiders to the untold worlds and stories found in the comics medium.

I love Free Comic Book Day(FCBD in shorthand) not just for the free entertainment but for what it represents. For one day the comics world throws open its doors and says come in, look around, stay for a while.

In the last few years super hero movies have ruled the cinematic world. From Iron Man to the Dark Knight, from Avengers to the Man of Steel to many others. Over the next few years we can expect dozens of new comic book movies, along with TV series such as Arrow or the Walking Dead. Sadly, many people never investigate where these stories come from. Many have never stepped into their local comic book shop.

There are worlds upon worlds inside. Dark despotic wastelands, beautiful Utopian futures, and worlds we could never imagine. There are volumes upon volumes of hope within those walls.

Free Comic Book Day can be that gateway and I love it for that.

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