There is no Safe

We are in uncharted territory. You could not possibly write a narrative of the last six months and sell it to anyone. This year is simply been unbelievable.

Covid 19 is the pandemic that no one saw coming and the one we simply cannot seem to shake. The reality does not matter. People are scared. Some worry about their health and their family’s health. Others are far more concerned with their livelihood and slowly moving forward to some sense of normalcy.

The one word I hear over and over again during all of this is safe. People want to be safe. There were those that don’t think we should open up anything until it is safe.

There is no Safe.

Safe does not exist. It was not safe before and it will not be safe later. We simply did not notice. 38,000 people died in car accidents in 2019. Nearly 60,000 people died from the flu. That is not to make light of the Coronavirus death toll. That is to say it was not safe.

There is a new reality we have to accept. People die. Waiting for it to be quote/unquote safe before we live our lives is a flawed prospect.

Should we take precautions?


Should we wear a mask right now?


Do whatever you can to do to protect yourselves and others from catching the virus. If you are still fearful of it stay at home.

But wait for it to be safe. Remember I just told you that does not exist.

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