The High Road

I often speak of taking the high road.

Of trying to be the better person.

When we feel we have been wronged it is so very easy to get down in the muck with those that have hurt us. After all if they can stoop to such depths why can’t I.

We all know what is right. And what is wrong.

And that is why we take the high road.

Why we don’t take short cuts. Why we try to set a good example for others.

We know better. That is all it takes.

I do not always reach this high standard I set for myself. And when I fail…I have my own ‘jiminy cricket’ yelling in my ear telling me so.

We can always bring the negative but it stains our souls just a little bit every day. Personally, I would rather bring some light, some joy to an ever darkening world.

So I take the high road.

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