Finding your own Fandom

I found myself in a discussion today about the choices we make when spending our money on our various forms of fandom.

I do not want to call anyone out directly so I will not use any names. If anyone takes offense in apologize but you got me thinking.

In talking about the state of comics someone told me there were books they liked, by creative teams they liked, with stories they liked that they simply would not buy these books.

I was dumbfounded.

Why would they not buy them?

Their main reason. They did not like editorial. Not the editors of the particular books or even the editors of the group of books. They did not like the editors of the entire company. For that reason they would not buy any books from the company.

This did not compute to me. I understand everyone has to decide how they will spend their money. We all work hard for what we have. Ultimately we choose how to disperse those funds. I just could not understand what they thought this would change.

For me if you find something that brings you joy you support it while you can.

Not buying books you like to make some greater point seems counteractive. It is so easy for that hated editorial to simply decide that your voice does not matter. To decide that they were right all along and we did not want that anyways.

If we buy things we like and do not buy things we do not like that makes the greater statement. It says: “I like this, give me more of this thing right here”

It is a choice we all must make alone.
For all of us I just hope we find the joy, find the things that touch our soul. If nothing else I hope we all keep searching.

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